MONTHLY RATES are given below. The initial enrollment fee is $100.00. In subsequent years, there is a materials fee of $50.00. These rates are based on approximately 20 days per month during the school year (mid-August through May). There are no tuition adjustments for absences during the school year.

Monthly tuition prices

August 15, 2022—July 31, 2023

Tuition for Children’s Circle P1 (ages 18 months-3 years) at 130 Skyway Road

Full days (8:30-4)


5 days - $810.00


4 days - $704.00


3 days - $568.00

Half days (8:30-12:30)


5 days - $583.00


4 days - $487.00


3 days - $387.00

Tuition for Children’s Circle P2 (ages 3-6 years) at 121 Skyway Road

Full days (8:30-4)


5 days - $790.00


4 days - $684.00


3 days - $553.00

Half days (8:30-12:30)


5 days - $563.00


4 days - $472.00

Fees For Extended Hours

If you need your child to arrive before 8:30 am or stay after 4pm, we offer extended hours. The Primary 1 community is open from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm. The Primary 2 community is open from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Extra time is based on $3.00 an hour. Time may be purchased in 30 minutes increments. Please contact Andrea at ccmontessori1981@gmail.com for an exact tuition amount if you need your child to attend hours beyond 8:30am-4:00pm.


There is a 5% discount for a 2nd/3rd child in a family (taken off lowest tuition rate) during the school year. The discount does not apply during the summer session.

Kindergarten: Our kindergarten children (children who have turned 5 by July 31 of the year) are important to us. They will receive a 10% discount off the current tuition costs for their kindergarten year if they attended CCM the year before they are of kindergarten age.

Summer School

The school will be open in the summer of 2023 except for: July 3-7, and 3 days near the end of July/beginning of August for staff inservice and fall preparation. During the summer months, tuition is paid weekly to allow for up to 3 weeks unpaid for vacations. Weekly tuition is based on the tuition prices above. Parents may choose to take off full months in the summer with a nominal charge to hold their spot for fall.

Admissions Process:

1. Email For Information

Please email us to find out if we are accepting new students into our communities or placing children on our waitlist. We generally do not accept children older than 3 on our waitlist unless they have Montessori experience. It is recommended that children be placed on our waiting list before they are a year old.

2. Tour or Observation

We strongly suggest prospective parents observe our classroom for 15-20 minutes. A Montessori classroom at work is one of those things that just needs to be seen! After the observation, a Montessori certified teacher will be available to answer your questions. Classroom observations are adult only. If you must bring your child with you to see the school we can set up a time at the end of a school day. A video tour during the hours when the children are in the classroom is another option.

3. Complete a Waiting List Form

If you decide that Children’s Circle Montessori is the right fit for your family, we welcome you to complete a waiting list form. After we receive the waiting list form we will contact you and let you know when an opening might be available. There is a $25 fee that is due with the waiting list. We will not accept a waiting list from a family if we know we will not be able to enroll their child.

4. Complete a Contract

When a starting date is determined for your child you will complete a contract and pay the initial enrollment fee. The week before your child begins at the school, we will arrange a time for your child to meet their teacher and see the classroom. This meeting will be for 20-30 minutes and a parent will stay with the child during the visit.

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