Upcoming Events

Calendar Information

We follow the LPS schedule for holidays and some of their other scheduled breaks. We do close when LPS closes due to weather concerns.

We have Parent Teacher conferences for each child in October and in March. Parent Teacher conferences give the parents and the teachers an opportunity to connect and discuss each child’s day at school and how they are growing in their development. These conferences can be scheduled by Zoom or in person.

We have a Parents Night in April when parents may come to the school with their child in the evening and watch them work. 

This year we will be returning to having a Parent Meeting or two to help parents further their knowledge of the Montessori classroom materials and how they are used.

Other Events

  • We have a professional photographer take photos in the fall.
  • In early May of each year we have a Family Work Day to freshen the school grounds and plant flowers!
  • In May we plan Kindergarten field trips for our Kindergarten group. We enjoy visiting the State Capitol, Morrill Hall and Sheldon Art Galary on the UNL campus and a visit to the downtown fire station. These trips are scheduled in the afternoons and the children ride the city bus which is part of the experience! 

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