Nurturing Respect, Responsibility & Resourcefulness

Our Mission

Maria Montessori was a visionary who researched children and developed the Montessori approach to education. At Children’s Circle, our mission is to continue her work and her message to “Follow the Child.” Children’s Circle Montessori School believes that every child learns differently and every child is unique.

The Montessori Approach

Multi Age Communities

We have a toddler community for ages 18 months to 3 years and a primary community for 3 years through the kindergarten year (typically age 6). The multi age groups allow the children to build relationships with each other and the teachers over an extended period of time. The older children become leaders and models as they develop compassion through assisting the younger children. Children that are enrolled in our toddler community are assured an enrollment spot in our primary community.

The Prepared Environment

We have 2 communities with carefully prepared environments. Our indoor and outdoor spaces in both communities are filled with materials and activities that are designed to assist the child in cultivating his own natural desire to learn about himself and the world around him.

Follow the Child

The Montessori materials and multi age grouping allows each child to experience the excitement of learning by making his own choices rather than being forced to do things. They aid in helping him to perfect all of his natural tools for learning, so that his abilities will be enhanced to cope with future learning situations.

Certified Montessori Teachers

The head teachers and assistants at Children’s Circle Montessori are a key part of the success of our school. We have teachers who are willing to humble themselves and, as Dr. Montessori stated, “have faith to follow the child.” Their qualities of being lifelong learners and holding great respect for children as well as having an enduring sense of humor are a large piece of what makes Children’s Circle Montessori the right place for your child to grow and learn in every way.

Classroom Work

In Montessori, the word “work” is a respectful way of referring to the natural inclination of the child to explore and learn! The beautiful classroom materials engage the child as they work to build themselves which is often called play.

Outdoor Work

The child’s work of building themselves continues in the outdoor environment. Children are outside every day except in extreme weather conditions. Outdoors is an important part of the child’s growth in their understanding of cooperation with others, and it is fun!

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